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Cold Weather Tips for Your Pet-#DrDonDeForge

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Cold Weather Tips for the Pet You Love #DrDonDeForge  11Nov2017

Winter is just a few weeks away.....Fall has passed so quickly.  Cold weather brings great fun for kids and pets outdoors!

With all of this fun comes problems if simple concepts of Winter safety are not followed. Two problems faced by veterinarians each year during the "cold sub-freezing" days of Winter are hypothermia-[low body temperature that can lead to shock]-and frostbite.
Hypothermia can set in very quickly in old and debilitated animals left outdoors for just a few moments in f…

Cat Stomatitis Unwrapped-#DonaldHDeForgeVMD-Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry

#DonaldHDeForgeVMD Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry Medical Director Silver Sands Veterinary Network Milford Veterinary Hospital-General Practice for Companion animals Silver Sands Veterinary Urgent Care-non-life threatening emegency and urgent care NEW! Housecalls for Pets-Compassionate Animal Care right to your doorstep

Dr. DeForge wants to share with you his protocol for removing oral stomatitis permanently from cats. Stomatitis is the most painful oral condition in cats.  

It is not a tooth disease but it is a bone disease with a very serious adjoining soft tissue inflammatory pathology.  

The cause is unknown but with Dr. DeForge's Guided Bone Regeneration Surgery all cats will return to normal with no return to the painful pre-surgical states.

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Continue to care for the cat that brings you unconditional love within the Human-Animal Bond. #DHDeForgeVMD

Finding the Cure: CAT STOMATITIS

Dr. DeForge Discusses Breakthrough Surgery for Treat…

House Call Animal Doctor-#DrDonDeForge~~VMD Home Calls-Let the Doctor Come to You!

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House CallsHouse Calls for Pets provide a unique perspective on patients' environment and health problems. The demand for house calls is expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U.S. pet population increases. With early intervention, house calls involving multidisciplinary care may reduce in hospital admissions and long-term ca…