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Milford Mobile Vet Tip of the Day-What Do I Do In An Emergency? -Dr. Don DeForge

Dr. Don DeForge
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Tip of the Day
The Pet Owner's Choice:
  Animal Urgent Care or the  Animal ER

Milford Mobile Vet Tip-Toxocara-Roundworm-Intestinal Worm-Zoonosis #Dr. Don DeForge

Dr. Don DeForge
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Milford Mobile Vet
A Mobile Vet Tip from #Dr. Don DeForge
Intestinal Worm/Parasite
A Hidden Zoonosis
Protect yourself and your children with the proper deworming of the pet you love!

A Danger in Your Home- Be Smart and Treat Eliminate the Zoonosis

Toxocariasis:From the Companion Animal Parasite Council:

Control and PreventionPuppies and kittens should be routinely dewormed beginning at 2 weeks of age, with deworming repeated every 2 weeks, until the animals are four to eight weeks of age and placed on a monthly product with efficacy against ascarids.To treat potential newly acquired infections, dogs and cats should be maintained on monthly intestinal parasite contr…

Milford Mobile Vet-Animal Doc Housecalls-Dr. Don DeForge

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Milford Mobile Vet Housecalls for Pets
If A Dog Was The Teacher . . . . . A lesson to be learned . . . . . . .

It has been a privilege being a veterinarian for four decades in my home town of Milford, CT.! With vigor and enthusiasm our practice family now embarks on a new service with additional veterinarians and technicians adding to our team in 2017-2018.  Today, Animal Doc Housecalls for Pets-Milford Mobile Vet is open and available to all! Affordable quality veterinary care brought to your doorstep by Dr. Don DeForge and his mobile staff.
As we enter another new service area besides our on-site General Practice and Urgent Care Practice, I want to bring back some notes that need a re-print from an earlier blog. I have seen triumphs and miraculous turn-arounds with patients escaping crisis…