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House Call Animal Doctor-#DrDonDeForge~~VMD Home Calls-Let the Doctor Come to You!

Milford Veterinary Hospital- General Practice of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery-[just across the street from Dan Perkins Subarus in Milford, CT]
Silver Sands Veterinary Urgent Care-Uregent care for non-life threatening emergencies
House Calls for Pets-Milford Mobile Vet-Offerin compassionate house calls right to your doorstep.
17 Seemans Lane
Milford, CT 06460
Phone 203-877-3221 or 1-800-838-3368

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House Calls for Pets
VMD Home Calls
Let the Doctor Come to You!
Dr. Don DeForge
A Part of the Silver Sands Veterinary Network

House Calls

House Calls for Pets provide a unique perspective on patients' environment and health problems. The demand for house calls is expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U.S. pet population increases.
With early intervention, house calls involving multidisciplinary care may reduce in hospital admissions and long-term care can decrease
Dr. DeForge’s House Calls for Pets allows observation of the patient performing daily activities, reconciling medication discrepancies, and evaluating home care.
Dr. DeForge can offer house calls integrated into his general practice-Milford Veterinary Hospital at Silver Sands Veterinary in Milford, CT with careful planning, including clustering house calls by geographic location. 
Patients that need extensive imaging, urgent care, and specialist intervention must be seen at Milford Veterinary Hospital-Silver Sands Veterinary. [just across the street from Dan Perkins Subaru in Milford, CT at the intersection of Bridgeport Av. and the Boston Post Rd.]
Dr. DeForge offers at Milford Veterinary Hospital- Internal Medicine consults; Radiology-Special Imaging; Ultrasound Imaging; Echocardiograms; and specialized Surgery along with advanced oral care at Milford Veterinary Hospital-Silver Sands Veterinary.  Dr. DeForge is a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry.
House calls were standard practice for physicians in 1930, when approximately 40 percent of patient encounters occurred in the patient's home. By 1950, this had fallen to around 10 percent, and by 1980, only about 1 percent of patient encounters were house calls.  House calls can provide a unique perspective on a patient's life that is not available in an office visit or during hospitalization. A house call can foster the physician-patient-client relationship, and enhance the veterinarians understanding of the patient's environment and support system




Dr. DeForge leads the way with compassionate animal house calls.  He will sit with you and review your pet’s health problems and set up a plan of health care just as the physicians did in the 1950’s in the United States.



Types of House Calls



Concierge Services-Health Promotion and Prevention of Disease
Preventive Medicine-Shots/Vaccines-Rabies Vaccine at Clinic fees
Fecal and Urine Analysis-Discussion of Roundworm as a Zoonosis
Basic Lab Testing-Heartworm-Lyme-Tick Born Diseases in dogs
Basic Lab Testing-Leukemia-Immunodeficiency-and  Bartonella Testing in cats-Discussion of Bartonella as a zoonosis
Health Profiles and Complete Blood Count-
Lab testing-Blood Work
Visits to the home to manage large or giant breeds that are hard to transport to the hospital
Multiple dog and cat households where it is inconvenient to make multiple trips to the veterinary hospital
Nervous patients in the hospital that feel safe in the home environment
Acute or Chronic Condition Management
Post-Operative Check-Ups
Skin and Allergy Exams
Oral Exams-to prevent gum disease and  tooth loss-
Consults on removing oral pain-Dr. DeForge is a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry.  Dr. DeForge offers affordable oral care at Milford Veterinary Hospital-Silver Sands Veterinary. Visit
Pain Management in Advanced Osteoarthritis
Some patients that are not able to visit Milford Veterinary Hospital-Silver Sands Veterinary can greatly benefit from a House Call Visit
Management of Chronic Lung and Heart Problems at home
Nutritional Counseling-Treatment Plans for the Overweight
Patient Blood Pressure Monitoring in Heart and Kidney problems and with Primary Hypertension [high blood pressure]
Hospice Care-Connecticut Pet Hospice-Silver Sands Veterinary
Hospice Care-Compassionate Care of the Sick and Teminally Ill Pet

The goals of house calls for palliative care focus on symptom assessment and management, as well as monitoring the support of caregivers. Visits to dying patients can occur as part of House Calls for Pets. Dr. DeForge and his team can provide valuable support to patients and their families before and after death.
Continued involvement in caring for patients with terminal cancer may improve end-of-life care and reduce the likelihood of death in the hospital. A systematic review demonstrated that home care, and the intensity of that care, is strongly associated with a patient-preferred home death rather than death in the hospital.
Humane compassionate euthanasia can be performed by Dr. DeForge at the owner’s request when quality of life is absent after continued Animal Hospice Care.  Silver Sand’s Veterinary Connecticut Pet Hospice is modeled after the first Pet Hospice [Pawspice} created by Dr. Alice Villalobos, DVM




Conducting House Calls

Advanced planning is necessary to develop the anticipated agenda of a house call. This may include logistics (e.g., supplies, patient education materials), obtaining directions and patient contact information, confirming the visit with the patient and caregivers, and reviewing past medical records before the visit.  Dr. DeForge asks that you please send all pertinent medical records of the last five years of care to before he makes his visit to your home.
Feel free to call with questions about House Calls for Pets
VMD Home Calls
Let the Doctor Come to You
Fax 203-877-8301


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